My Story

Vivaansie is your go to top for a night out or to brighten up your day. A timeless classic with a twist. 

A collection of individually embroidered, extra fine Italian Merino Wool tops designed by myself. 

They are a slim fitting and flattering style that can take you from day to night-work place to fun place! Available in both V neck and round neck.

They are intended to be a top for life, a timeless and simple style which is unique to Vivaansie.

With the different designs and colourways you can keep adding to your collection, thereby supporting sustainable fashion at the same time.

The 100% extra fine Merino Wool is of the best quality from one of Italy’s oldest mills.

Merino Wool does not bobble, it holds its shape, is odour free, feels super soft on the skin and adapts to your body temperature.

It’s ethical, sustainable and natural unlike so many other products on the market.

The incredible embroidery is done in the UK.

The level of detail and time that goes into each and every one of the Vivaansie tops means you are getting a truly bespoke and luxury product.

The Vivaansie top is a classic - yet each and every one has a bit of a twist to stand out from the crowd.

I have thought very carefully about the packaging of the  Vivaansie jumpers and T-shirts. They will be delivered in a brown paper bag and your Merino top will be packaged in a gorgeous Tote bag, something you can therefore reuse and not throw in the bin.

The Viva in Vivaansie is my Mother who used to own a successful boutique called Viva - and so the name Vivaansie was born! She has a lot of experience in the fashion world and so is extremely helpful for advice, support, the hard work and of course the fun!

And now I have added beautiful cotton T-shirts to the range. Again with amazing embroidery and the fit and design of the T-shirt is bespoke to Vivaansie and designed by me.

I so hope you enjoy wearing your Vivaansie top as much as I have had in designing and making them.