New York
black merino wool top with silver stars
black merino wool with silver stars
silver star on black merino top
New York
New York

New York

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You can’t fail to sparkle in this black jumper with silver stars. The perfect top for a night out.

On the back of the top is a cute silver star aswell. 

Each and every top has been individually embroidered so there may be some slight variation in the design which makes it unique to you.

The Vivaansie top is a classic - yet each and every one has a bit of a twist to stand out from the crowd. They are intended to be a top for life, a timeless and simple style which has been designed by myself and is unique to Vivaansie.

The merino wool comes from one of Italy's oldest Mills. The incredible embroidery is done in the UK. The level of detail and work that goes into each Vivaansie top means you are getting a truly bespoke and luxury product.

Vivaansie is your go to top for a night out or to brighten up your day.